Wednesday, July 25, 2007

40mg of OxyContin just how the doctor prescribes

Usually when I take my OxyContin in the morning I either snort it or break the tablets in half and eat them. Although I've realized that since they have made this new type of Oxy's they dont work as well if you snort them. I've never tried just swollowing the pill whole with the time release still on it. So I did, it took longer to kick in but an hour later I had a real nice buzz going. The good thing about this is that now that it has the time release on it, it will be releasing Oxycodone into my bloodstream for 12 hours. And since I wanted to make it last as long as it could to avoid withdrawl symptoms cuz I only had 1 OC 40 left, I decided that the time release was a good idea today. And so far I have a great high. Snorting the ABG OxyContins are the best ones to snort. If I still got them then thats what I would do with them. But so far, I like the buzz from just popping the pill with the time release on it. And since your suppose to take it that way, I bet it gets you the highest and kills your pain the most if you just eat them like your suppose too and they last a long time also. And I have a good buzz right now, almost just like good high grade Heroin. Not exactly the same, OxyContin gives you more of an energized feeling when you are using it. You feel drained when your down and all you want to do is sleep, but you feel energized and really amazingly good when you pop them. As much as I hate the withdrawl, I love the high. I am talking to a psychiotrist that is going to try and get me into a Suboxone program to help me get of this terrible drug. And when that day comes then I'll be eatin my Suboxone every morning instead of OxyContin, and since Suboxone is a opiate. I'm gonna be able to have the buzz I like and be improving myself to try and recover from addiction.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hydromorphone - A warm feeling

I just fixed up and snorted 2 4mg Hydromorphone pills and I have this warm comfortable rush that feels like its flowing through my body killing all of my pain. Hydromorphone is deffinatly stronger than OxyContin, and it works a lot faster. I woke up drawling, it was about 6:45 in the morning or so. So I snorted 2 of those pills, and less than 5 minutes later I started to feel it, it first just cured my withdrawl symptoms, then it gave me this nausious feeling, that isnt necessarily bad but you often time experience it when you take a large amount of opiates. And I havent gotten that feeling in awhile so when that starting to come about I loved every minute of it. I layed down on the couch and covered myself in the blankets and layed down just for a minute and fealt the drug pulsing through my bloodstream into my brain. It fealt so good I cant even describe the feeling. It's like heaven in a pill. I have 1 left for later that I'm gonna do right before I go to my psychiatrists so I'm nice and relaxed while I'm talking to him cuz last time I went I was drawling for it. After that I need to find some way to get my hands on some cash cuz I gotta get dope to last me tomorrow or I'll be drawling. Good thing is that I get paid in 2 days. And then I'm gonna load up on opiates hopefully enough to last me the week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Saved By Hydromorphone

Well I thought I was gonna have to go through drawls tomorrow but as it turns out I got my hands on some Hydromorphone pills. 4mg pills. Also known on the street as Dillies or Dilaudids. With Dillies (Hydromorphone) when you swollow the pill, it isnt really all that powerful, dillies are really suppose to be snorted (this is my experience with them) I've always snorted hydromorphone, it hits you quick and it gives you a high like Heroin except it last shorter, it only lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. But at least its something, so tomorrow I'm gonna rely on these 4mg Hydromorphone pills and tea to get me through the day. I got a real nice buzz off of these too. I almost think that there better than Oxy's and they are. Hydromorphone is a derivitive of thebaine. It's about 5 times more potent than morphine, and people often substitute hydromorphone for Heroin when the addict can't get Heroin. You can shoot Hydromorphone, you can snort it, and you can eat it. I always snort things if I'm not eating them. I don't like banging things (Shooting up). So with the experience I've had to far these give you a nice sedated euphoric feeling that I love. I'm gonna try to make them last as long as possible so when I wake up tomorrow and want to get high I'm probably gonna start off by snorting 1 then if I feel I need another one then I'll do another one. i gotta try not to do more than 3 tomorrow, then I'll have 2 for wednesday. I really hate being addicted to opiates its painful and you always have to think about how your gonna get your next fix, and alot of time its hard if you have no money, because you need to go find money somehow, anyway to support your habit.

Mixing OxyContin and Benadryl

For all you Oxy heads out there, here's a trick. Wanna add a little extra kick to your buzz, well I found out that if you take your OxyContin with Benadryl then it adds to the affects because of the dramamine in the benadryl, also you people who dont like the itchy feeling, that will take that away too. I just woke up, I'm drawling a little bit right now, but i have my Oxy 40 lined up and ready to take also with 3 benadryls and a vitamin. I broke my Oxy 40 in half to break the time release a little bit. I still want the oxy to last me all day cuz I got something going on at 3 that I would like to be high for. I took 75mg's of dramamine, and a vitamin. It's been about a half hour since I've taken all of those now. I'm starting to feel my withdrawl go away and I'm getting a little bit of an extra drowzy feeling from the dramamine. Alot of the time in the morning I like to drink coffee once I get going on my meds so I am having a cup right now, I think it sort of adds to the buzz gives you kind of a speedy touch to the OxyContin high. It is however not as good as speedballing. If I could then I would just substitute the coffee for a couple lines of Cocaine with my OxyContin. Speedballing has to be my favorite thing to do. I'm really starting to feel the Oxy now, I feel relaxed and comfortable and I have energy to do things with my day. I just love OxyContin, but it's like the devil. Tomorrow I'm gonna be relying on tea, benadryl, and possibly some alcohol to ease my withdrawl symptoms. Hopefully even some Marijuana. When your withdrawling from opiates. If you smoked a few bowls of Marijuana to your head then it eases the pain quite significantly for a little while, like an hour or two if your lucky, then you need to smoke more. I've had experience with withdrawling before. The worst withdrawls I've went through is when I had to go to detox and spend a whole week in the hospital. They gave me some Valiume in the hospital and they treated me with this drug called catapress. One night I was watching movies and they gave me 2 Valiumes, some catapress, and also a trazedone (for those who dont know what that is, it's a heavy sleep aid) I fealt real good after taking all those medications.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Got through the day, got OxyContin for tomorrow

Well I got some good news, I was able to get a Oxy 40 for tomorrow so I can avoid drawls when I go and hang out with my staff at this staff party that's going on tomorrow. I also was able to get another one for myself tonight so I am pretty high right now, feeling good. And tomorrow right before I go to my staff party, about an hour before I'll pop my Oxy 40 and be good for the next 8-12 hours after that, then the dreaded tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. Thursday though I will get paid and hopefully my dealer will have enough Oxy's to last me the week or else I wont know what to do.

Another day, another 40

I woke up this morning again feeling pretty shitty, I'm kinda dreding tomorrow because i'm suppose to go to this hang out with my staff members, we're all suppose to go to the lake and stuff, but I gotta find some way to get Oxycontin for that occation. My friend called me up yesterday, he has a Heroin connect lined up in case my oxy dealer runs out early which she probably will, there is always usually a 5 or 6 day period in the month at least where I cant get it if not more, although I usually have money, and Heroin is alot cheaper, I'm gonna start doing bags of Heroin when I dont have OxyContin, and then just switch back onto the OxyContin even though the Heroin is always going to be around. And thats the good thing cuz if I cant get a fix of Oxy's then I need some sort of opiate to get me through my day. Usually when I can't get Oxy's then I go to my other friend who knows someone who is prescribed Methadone. So when I couldn't get Oxy's then I'd do Methadone. I have always been a big fan of Cannabis so no matter what I'm doing I try to keep smoking weed too it calms me down and I like the doped up buzz it gives you when your on other opiates. My favorite combination if I could do one right now I would do 100mg's off OxyContin and 40mg's of Methadone then I would smoke a dime or a 20 bag to my head and I would feel amazing. probably the equivilent to doing a bag of Heroin and smoking a dime bag or 20 bag of weed. I've only got a little bit of weed left, it sucks. I'll probably find a way to get another dime bag today, if not some sort of pill to tide me over tomorrow so I dont have to go through drawls. I'll probably have to drawl from tues-thurs. cuz I get paid on thursday and by tuesday I am gonna be all out of money most likely. So today while I enjoy my oxy 40 that I took this morning, I need to find some way to get some more money to support my habit at least for tomorrow. I'm probably just gonna go smoke up the rest of my dope right now. Get real high, I have to be to work today at noon so that sucks also but at least I have a job and am making money even though I'm a big junkie. I'm probably gonna get another job too, if I do that then I can supply myself with enough OxyContin or Heroin to get me through the week and hopefully have some money left over. Who's knows. Hope to hear some comments from somebody on how maybe I could get some help with Suboxone or something.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

After 80mg's of oxycodone extended release

It seems I am a slave to this drug, it's almost like the devil. I wake up and the first thing I think about is getting high. This morning I had pretty bad drawls, I had to find other means to support my habit since I had spent all my paycheck already. I finally went downtown and got a 40mg pills and broke it in half and ate it, it took about 20 mins and I started to feel releif. A hour and a half later I was in full bliss, 40mg's is really all you need, I mean I wasnt rediculasly high but I fealt good enough to carry on with my day, anyway I went back into town and got 2 more 40's, one more to do tonight and have a killer buzz and one to do tomorrow morning when I wake up. So I got my oxys all lined up for tongiht and tomorrow. I am so high right now I could nod out and I only did 80mg's. I'm gonna go nod out and watch a movie with my mom.